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Updated my Universal Remote using the App and the Announcement Car responds with 3 of I believe 8 announcements.  However, I have to repeatedly turn off the track power and remote to get the 3 and once all three are announced, only one continually repeats.  It worked with the universal remote at the store where I bought it.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I bought this car to run on my TMCC layout with a command control Berkshire and other Polar Express cars.


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That is as designed when not running w/ a LionChief Polar Berkshire. It's meant to tell a 'story' or sorts.

So the car knows when it's moving or not based on the throttle position on the Universal Remote or the APP. So that will give different announcements. It also gives different announcements after it has been running and then comes to a stop, and then it will 'reset' if that makes sense. So it is dependent upon movement. If you are running with a TMCC engine, and never move the throttle on the Universal Remote or APP, it'll repeat the announcements.

Thank you for the quick response.  While your suggestions made a big difference, the announcement cycle still gets stuck on two and the only way to reboot to different ones is to turn the track power off and on. Adjusting the throttle on the remote and keeping the car in stop and go motion with the TMCC remote definitely improved the function.

Not certain why the red light on the remote blinks constantly?

A less than satisfactory product which I hoped would add the Polar Express “magic” (for the grandchildren) to the layout without adding another engine.

Thanks again for getting back.

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