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My daughter really likes the Polar Express movie, music, and train set.  Her biggest complaint was that it doesn't play the music from the movie.  I had toyed with the idea of experimenting and seeing if I could create a musical boxcar, using some input from forum help/searches/etc.  This is the results of my experiment.  I'm sure GRJ probably has something "off-the-shelf" that I could have/should have procured.  I'm sure that would have done a much better job and provided a better solution.  But this is the result of my experiment.

Lionel Polar Express Boxcar 6-83352

Some MTH trucks, to which I added a pickup roller.  Forget exactly what I used, but wished adding power to existing trucks was easier.

Amazon AC/DC to DC Step Down Converter (to take 19VAC to 5VDC)

MP3 Decoder Player Module

4 OHm 3 W speaker


I haven't tried it anywhere but the test track here.  Wish it had some type of power buffering in case dead spots in the track - not sure how robust it will be in operational mode.  Maybe the MP3 player has some built-in.


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Any suggestions for adding some buffering to keep the mp3 player from dropping out when going over switches or track discontinuity?

I use a 1.5F 5V (can be higher like 6V) rated super capacitor at the MP3 player board. Right where the blue and yellow wires are connected.

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