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Oh they are completely sold out. I bought the last golden one and just stripped it down to bare brass.

Well, all is not lost, ….I’ll be figuring a way to make these ….I’ve been eyeballing late 19th century long pilots on PSC …..ain’t like the rest of the engine is much of a challenge anyways……might as well make something  with at least a difficulty level of 3 ….😁


@harmonyards posted:

I got front row seating as Larry sent me pics of his progress, bouncing ideas off each other’s heads,…..amazing craftsmanship here!…,and with that, a builder is born!….welcome to the club Larry, ….you’ll never leave a locomotive stock after the bug bites you!…..stock is for sissies!!…..😁


Enjoy our chats, Pat.  And MANY thanks on the MG questions, too!  By reducing the idle, the run-on is all but gone.

@rjsmithindy posted:

Larry, congratulations on a great update project.  It looks more in keeping with the movie locomotive now.  If possible, it would be great to see a video of it in motion.  Thanks for sharing!

Thank, Rob.  I'll be setting it up around the Christmas tree next Saturday.  I'll post a quick video.

@harmonyards - what do I use to remove just the cab numbers?

Just sent up the trains's a quick one, but you'll get the idea.  Still have not been able to remove the cab numbers.  I've tried 91% rubbing alcohol and lacquer thinner to no avail.  Might have to sand and repaint to hopefully match as close as possible.

Thanks for watching and thanks for the positive/encouraging comments along the way.

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