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Hope everyone is doing well. Just finished putting up the holiday layout, and noticed the front traction tires on my Polar Express starter set have come undone / broken off. Is there a preferred way to replace these? I have spare traction tires, and have replaced many of my MTH diesels. However, I have no experience with Lionel Steam (since this is a starter set, I do not mind taking a stab at it myself). 

I looked all throughout the forum, as well as other places online, but was surprised not to find anything. Any insight is always greatly appreciated. 


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the only difference is with steam engines you have to take some of the screws out of the side rods connected to the wheels otherwise the tire won't come off or on because side rod is in the way of taking your tires off and on, other then that should not b a issue! 

Also you DO NOT WANT TO OVER STRETCH the traction tires because then they wont stretch back and will come off again!


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