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Video released from Police in Colorado. A traffic stop gone bad. The stop ended up with a train slamming into the police car with the suspect seriouslt injured.

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Right you are: Total loss of situational awareness.

The suspect complied and did everything they said without resistance of any sort... then gets left in the back seat (handucuffed!) to get smashed by a train! I do hope she recovers.

I don't know what's in store for the officers, but all of them failed miserably in that NONE of them thought to move the police vehicle out of harms way after the suspect was in custody in the back. (Frankly, it should never have been STOPPED on the tracks: Stop short, or go past the tracks, but NEVER stop on them.)


While I am all about accountability and that is certainly what should happen in this case, I also understand that this is a difficult profession that requires a special skill set that most of us don't have.  Mistakes happen.  Yes, this was a huge error and will certainly have consequences, but it is hard to know what was going on without actually being there.

@necrails posted:

Pretty clear what was going on, civilian detained, placed in vehicle, train horn sounded and the boys and girls in blue did nothing.  The myth of hero law enforcement is dispelled with each passing day.

We try to keep it friendly and respectful here on our forum, so things don't devolve as they do on other forums. You really shouldn't be insulting your fellow OGR model train enthusiasts.

Do you have the cojones to do what they're doing out there alone during in the middle of the night?

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