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Hi friends,

Running into an issue when trying to use the DCS consumer loader for a sound file load with a PS3 locomotive, specifically a Premier GN S-2 4-8-4 Northern from 2013/14.  I've done numerous sound file loads before with no issues on other engines, but with this one, I found that it ran super slow and gave me time out errors for every section.  So far, even at over 2 hours of loading, I've not been able to get it all the way through.

I tested the track signal, and sure enough I was only getting 7-8 out of 10.  I tried moving the locomotive to an isolated section of track and even clip leading directly to the TIU, but I'm still seeing only 7-8/10.  Naturally, I'm seeing 10/10 testing other engines in these same scenarios, thus ruling out issues with the computer, software, or TIU.

Anyone have ideas for ways to improve signal?  I'm thinking of maybe swapping the sound board to another engine just for the sound file load, but that seems overkill.  Of course 7-8/10 is plenty signal to run, so I've never noticed problems with the engine before, but it's just not cutting it for the sound file transfer.

Any suggestions appreciated!



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