I am very grateful for this On-Line Forum. It has greatly enhanced my model railroad experience by enabling me to make connections with fellow hobbyists, some of whom have become wonderful friends; learn more about this multi-faceted hobby; get help from others with more technical knowledge; and provide enjoyment and relaxation by sharing thoughts, photos and videos with others.

I am particularly grateful that participating in this Forum costs us nothing. What a great deal!

I'm not 100% sure about the finances, but I believe the reason this Forum is such a good deal for us is that it is subsidized by the Forum Sponsors as well as OGR Magazine. With this in the back of my mind, I have been inclined, when considering a model railroad purchase, to check out the websites of the Forum sponsors to see what they have to offer.

Since joining this Forum in November, 2017, I have done business a few times with Forum sponsors. This includes purchases from the heavy hitters (Lionel and MTH) as well as a few of the smaller businesses. So far, I am a 100% satisfied customer. All of my dealings with Forum sponsors have been positive.

I think it would be great if we shared on this thread all of our positive experiences doing business with Forum Sponsors, who subsidize this Forum, which brings us so much joy and happiness. 

I will start us off by sharing my 100% positive experience with RailroadBackdrops.com and its owner or representative, James Adams. Yesterday, I posted the details of this positive experience on the thread entitled Kitbashing a Backdrop in the Scenery & Structures Forum. In a nutshell, I got a terrific product, and thanks to the 20% discount offered to Forum members, a great price. 

By similarly sharing your positive experiences with Forum sponsors here, you will increase the likelihood that they will get more business and we, as Forum members, will continue to enjoy this Forum at no cost.



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Great post (again)! I've done business with several forum sponsors over the years and can gladly recommend Mr. Muffins, Marios, and the Train Doctor based on my own experiences.

Always great buys and service from many of the sponsors who advertise here. Ross, Gargraves, Public Delivery Track, 3rd Rail, MrMuffin’sTrains, Mario’s, Charles Ro and many others I have patronized over the last few years.

They are quality dealers in all respects. 


New to O scale....

I’ve never had a problem with any of the forum sponsors.  Always excellent service.

Neal Jeter

I have had a great experience from (not in any particular order) The O Scale Hauler, MTH Trains, Ross Custom Switches, The Public Delivery track, 3rd Rail/Golden Gate, Mr. Muffins trains, Notch 6, Trainworx, and Atlas.


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The video below shows the MTH Railking Proto 3 NY Central RS-3 smokin' diesel I recently purchased from JR Junction Train & Hobby from Syracuse, NY., which is one of our Forum sponsors:

To say I am 100% satisfied with this purchase is an understatement. I'm ecstatic about it.

My goal is to add features to my layout to make it more like The Put (Putnam Division of the NY Central). For that reason, this locomotive is perfect for my layout. It's also a great puller, and navigates my sharp 031 curves beautifully, and has great sounds and smoke. It was also affordable and JR Junction Train and Hobby paid $50 of the purchase price to a Railroad historical society.

This locomotive is another great product of its manufacturer, MTH, which is one of our Forum sponsors.

And, as I mentioned before, I purchased the gorgeous backdrop seen in the video from RailroadBackdrops.com, another one of our Forum Sponsors. 

So, the above video shows products from 3 of our Forum sponsors, and I'm ecstatic about all of them. 


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I too, have had excellent service from our sponsors, Mario's, Patrick's, Side Track Hobbies, Imperial trains, recently come to mind.

Great doin business with yall

Excellent communication and service from Marios Trains, Gargraves, Trainworld, Charles Ro, Public Delivery Track,  Trainz, Menards and Mianne.


Great idea for a post. Have had great experiences with Mario's, Menards, and with MTH & Lionel directly; and, as mentioned elsewhere, I love Miller Engineering's stuff. 

Related question: does the OGR forum have an A-Z directory of all sponsors? I couldn't find one after a brief search.

- The Other Guy

ETA (after Arnold's good tip): Eric's Trains, Nicholas Smith, and Trainworld have been terrific to work with as well, with particular props to Trainworld for a recent purchase where they called me (on a Saturday morning) to double-check an instruction on the order. Mario's did something similar (by email) a couple months back and, put plainly, that level of customer service changed my buying habits (plus, Mario upsold me in the process; well done!).

There are a few other shops I'd love to plug in PA and NY but, since they're not sponsors, will wait another day.


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Go to Directory, then go to the Hi-rail, 027 and Traditional 3-Rail O Gauge Forum, and then you will see the topic, OGR Forum Sponsor Index, which is in alphabetical order.

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Good to know, thought it would have been a drop down selection from top window.  I was actually looking to see who were all the sponsors for myself, just couldn't find the list. Thanks

Arnold D. Cribari posted:

Go to Directory, [then] Hi-rail, 027 and Traditional 3-Rail O Gauge Forum, and then ... topic OGR Forum Sponsor Index.

Thank you very, very much.

FWIW, OGR is the only website (literally) I've allowed to bypass my ad blockers. Site administrators here run a pretty tight ship and I greatly appreciate it.

- The Other Guy

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for the relatively new members: OGR several years ago had a dilemma - the forum was starting to consume too many financial resources of theirs.  There was serious discussion about having to buy-in to a membership to use it.

4 businesses stepped up and offered their financial support.  I can only remember 2 of them so instead of 'insulting' the 2 that I can't remember I won't mention any of them.  two of them are permanent selections at the top of the sponsor icons.  We were at the OGR forum Grandstand gathering in York and one of those 4 presented OGR with a huge (dimension-wise) check with an impressive amount.

So I have thanked them everytime that I go to York as the original free-forum saviors! now there are too many to thank but I still feel an obligation of sorts to thank the original guys that came up with the idea of sponsoring.

- walt

I have divided my modest annual train budget amongst forum sponsors only. They are all great people to do business with.

A vote for White Rose Hobbies.  Web site is easy to navigate and the 3 items purchased shipped quickly and arrived in perfect NOS condition. 


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Thanks to Trainz.com, another Forum sponsor, I have these baseball figures made by Kramer Products, which went out of business:


I made an inquiry to Trainz about these baseball figures, which are metal and of  excellent quality, about a year ago. Then, in December I got an email from them that they had them available for a very reasonable price. I immediately bought them, and had them in 2 days. Again, I was a very happy customer. Arnold

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I've reached that point where i buy very little anymore, but, i did buy a locomotive from Train World last month. The price was outstanding, packaging great, and shipping very fast. They were a perfect example of what great service should be.

jackson, CEO, Not-So-Great Eastern RR, aka The Never Done Line

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I've always had great experiences with Mario's Trains, Trainz, Ross Custom Switches, Charles Ro and  Nassau Hobby.



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I, for one, greatly appreciate all of the positive things said so far about our Forum sponsors. Thank you all for your wonderful contributions, and thank you OGR Magazine and it's executives and representatives for managing and monitoring this Forum so well and making it a reality.

This Forum has added immeasurably to my enjoyment of the World's Greatest Hobby. Arnold

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You can't go wrong dealing with Forum sponsor Dave owner of the Mercer Junction in Mercer PA.

Courteous service, good prices, test layout, and lots of inventory.

If you're looking for  custom painted Bessemer or Union RR  items, "Better Call Dave!"

A few miles from the  I-80 & I-79 interchange in Western PA.

I have nothing but praise for SideTrack Hobbies in Leonardtown, MD. I have been in their store and it always was a pleasant experience.

Later Gator,



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I have to agree - every sponsor seems better than the next.

Something I did recently was click on many of the sponsors who I had no idea what they did or who they are. (There are so many now - ALAN)

That was a great deal of fun, and could perhaps turn out to be a little expensive....


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I depend on CHARLES RO Great prices and Great service! They have a wonderfull service Dept. I sent an engine set to them last Thursday and it is being shipped back today.



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In the last year I have dealt with Trainworld, Charles Ro and Nassau Hobbies via mail: All with great service and fast shipping.

The really amazing part is that sometimes my order is as small as one Boxcar and they still process it like it was a $1000 locomotive!



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Mr. Muffin's Trains, Chris from Light Works (neon signs) Gargraves Trackage, Ross Custom Switches and Mario's Trains. All have been great with never a problem. When I need something in the train world, I first always look up are advertisers. Don 

Although I didn't realize it when I started it, this thread, coupled with the OGR Forum Sponsor Index, could be a valuable resource to all of us for years to come. Arnold

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Arnold :  I applaud your idea of talking about our sponsors, they certainly deserve our support for taking on the obligation to support the forum.  I have been using Trainworld almost exclusively for my new purchases lately and their service and pricing is terrific. I appreciate the recommendations of others in this thread, some of which I have never even heard of, but I will certainly approach them now.

Regards, Don McErlean

A huge thank you goes to Miller Engineering. I sent them an email about an "All Aboard" sign I purchased from a third party that was only partially working. Two hours later I received a reply asking me to send it in. I got a brand new sign sent to me ten days later at no charge. Who could ask for anything more?


Located in the real Upstate NY

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I had a small problem with some cars purchased directly from Golden Gate Depot.  I contacted them and they immediately resolved the problem to my satisfaction  I've bought from Public Delivery Track and always receive prompt delivery of the cars.  Laurals to both.  John in Lansing, ILL

I have to agree with everything said here having had great experiences in terms of product, fair pricing, honest shipping charges and overall great service with Train World, Gargraves, Ross, Miller Engineering, Atlas O, and S&W among others over the years.

However i think we should be aware that there are other vendors here (not the ones above) that make shipping charges a profit center.  Yes, I know that all shipping charges have increased significantly over the past few years. I will not mention them by name, but one vendor that has a name that is synonymous with alligator recently charged over $13 shipping for an item that could be mailed anywhere in the US for $8 or less, and was NOT told the amount but rather charged $25 and then credited $11+ back after shipping. Another popular tool vendor  (not yet an advertiser) is having a sale and wants $8.95 to ship an item that could be sent in a small padded envelope for less than $5. I always consider shipping costs when making any purchase.

jackson, CEO, Not-So-Great Eastern RR, aka The Never Done Line

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