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Would anyone like to see cars like these done? Actually,I renumbered these ex-LN/FLS 4750s as I had a couple numbers extra over the original 4 car set released by Atlas wwwww-aaaaaa-yyyyyyy back when. I've done many CSXT cars too,not with top notch results but not being a professional,I guess it's ok,especially after reviewing actual car photos I took that look worse than my models.

These photos were taken on the 40-50ft shelve I've been working on for years trying all types of different track arrangements. I ended up getting rid of the "S" turnout situation I had, in favor of a ladder track arrangement which has no such problems. Now I'm out of switches and benchwork.

Al HummelIMG_8308IMG_8309IMG_8310IMG_8311IMG_8317


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