I received this email from someone connected with the York train meet.  It looks suspicious to me.

THERE IS NOTHING WE CANT FIND. JUST ASK!Easy to compare our prices; Shipping or tax included on any item priced .97.
YES WE BUY TRAINS! Are you selling one item at a time!  Let us see your list.
Manufactures are producing larger selections but no quantity. If we reply that we don't have something, this does not mean it is not available. Tell us what you have found so far or want to pay and condition.  We have found items years after someone has given up looking.
Many people ask for old items indexed by Google.  Google is not especially adapted for trains.  Email for something you don't see listed.
We try to price our items better than any where else, please help us. Seen anything selling for less tell us! No need to bid and hope.  Be a winner and buy now.  If you really like auctions, DON'T DRIVE UP THE PRICE.  2nd highest bid excepted on any item in stock. Plus we will credit you up to 5% more if you find it available for less at any store for a week after purchase.

For Twenty dollars We will set up any engine or accessory to make sure its ready to run and you wont need to deal with fixing or returning anything.

Don't loose your time and money on tables, ebay and or paypal.Buy 5 items and we will pay 100% of the value of any trade in item. Buy 4 items and get 90% of the value of your item. Buy 3 get 80%. Buy 2 get 70%...

Fri-Sat 12-4pm
Have an AT&T land line?I looked into EVERYTHING! Because they have over charged me for years.Contact me for FREE review of your bill.The 2nd person I helped saved $320 a year.

3rd rail
E8CBQ powered A list 699.99 consignment 653.98 pair ln 1111.11
NW2 $100
Toggle used ours 1.94
Toggles DPDT 20amp list 8.93 ours 6.49
275-634 mini flat lever SPTP 6amp list 5.99 ours 5.94
SwitchCraft gibson ebay 5.00 ours 3.00

A-210 Monon auto cil 1523 consignment 24.98
Hamms beer 11.97
Budweiser 40ft trailer 15.97
Code 100 flex track ebay $10.99 ours 4.40
Grolsch taste of holland 28.97
HO LCL freight station 37.95
Dockside container crane 30ton list 88.98 ours nb used 39.98
100 manual left or right list 49.95 ours some with or without boxes $25
103rc left 81.95 ours $75
104rc right 81.95 ours $75
R6425 bogie with 30ft containers list $35.99 ours missing containers 12.00
South shore  intururban $250
K632-7441 Illinois tank quarter bank 54.95
13004 Hiawatha set list $2199.95 ours 1749.94
14065 463 Nuclear Reactor list 269.96 ours 174.99
16214 DRG auto carrier list 49.95 ours ln 24.94
16640 Rutland railsounds box list $124.95 consignment new 99.98 ln 79.98
19312 Reading hopper ebay 34.99 ours ln 24.94 6available
6-8757 Conrail Gp9 ebay 99.99 ours used nb $44
6-9148 Dupont tank car ebay 29.99 ours ln 14.97
20-93086 EJ&E ebay $74.99 ours nb $50
1918 UP DD35 B modernized 60 made ebay 866.99 ours 674.94
3079 UP or DRG caterpillar D8 ebay 340.99 ours 317.94
5692 NS GP60 7144-7150 ebay 225.97 ours 200.00
F&W schaefer brewery 20.94
Carlings ale 14.98

Schlitz beer 9.94
Budweiser hopper 15.94

5-2bay hopper 2rail with. Kadee $15 each
932-24852 UP auto carriers 2 pack ebay $84.99 ours 57.98
Cast aluminum hopper

South shore box car
South shore caboose
South shore coilcar
BL2 shell only list $44.10 ours 43.98

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rattler21 posted:

What looks suspicious to you?  Have you checked the TCA Number furnished?  Give him a call.  It sounds like a man with a brick and mortar store in a small mid-western town who buys and sells items,  knows pricing and is offering other services to his customers.  John in Lansing, ILL

If the TCA member list on line would work, I would be a happy camper.  However it does not so I know not whether the person is a member.  

The author talks about AT&T. Why ?   

Re-reading the piece confuses me further.  

Maybe it's just me ?

My print copy of the TCA Directory from 2008 lists names for all member numbers active at that time.  There is no 89-29298 on that list.  It skips from 89-29297 to 89-29299. 

Of course member # 89-29298 could have re-joined and been issued their original TCA number by paying $25 plus all accrued annual dues from the time they left TCA until they re-joined.

Bob I thought they drop that part of paying all accrued dues, back about 2 or 3 years ago. I seemed to remember reading that somewhere. A lot who had done it in the past where no happy

rtraincollector posted:

Bob I thought they drop that part of paying all accrued dues, back about 2 or 3 years ago. I seemed to remember reading that somewhere. A lot who had done it in the past where no happy

The sequential membership number was a somewhat valuable feature until they did this. Now you could have belonged for 1960 and just requested the same number without paying back dues. Done to appease some guys who felt it a status symbol to have an early number? Versus showing continuity of membership. I suppose those that had to pay would be very unhappy.

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