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Hi Everyone,

I spoke to Scott about adding an NYS&W SD40-2 to the line of offerings for the SD40-2 project. He said if we can get together 5-6 units orders he will add it to the roster. If this were to be added, I'd put in 2 orders for Susquehanna scheme. We'd only need a few more to make it happen. Comment below and I can follow up with Scott.

- Jack

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The two road numbers I mentioned to Scott were #3018 and #3022. Based off of photos it looks like these two road numbers would fit the bill for the Sunset project. Pictures below (these are not my photos).  #3010 and #3014 are SD40T-2 and I'd assume that those would not work with the tooling given the different radiator intakes and radiator fan grills.


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@Oneonta posted:

Any thoughts on road numbers......I think the #3018 was the only "as built"  SD40-2 operated......others were rebuilt tunnel motors or "hybrids".  Apologies if I am incorrect,

I believe you're correct, Oneonta.  According to what I can find, #3022 remained in her original SD40 carbody, but was re-classed as an SD40-2 by NYSW after rebuilding.

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