Ted S posted:

Wow Pat, nice!!  How did you paint the frame without removing the driving wheels (and without getting paint in the wheel bearings!?)

Ted, I have access to a hot black oxide tank, so the chassis was dipped, wheels and all. Some of the small parts I did a cold black oxide treatment here at my house.....there’s no paint on the chassis. I don’t really care if the bearings an axles turn black too. It certainly isn’t going to hurt them.......Pat

The Water Level Route.......You Can Sleep

A few of mine from days past.  Got lots of projects on the boards, but no time to do them.

Williams Genesis with homemade decals and the front truck moved forward for a more prototypical appearance.


My often posted NJT transformations:

MTH VIA Home Harware F40PH as a starting point with dynamic brakes removed.


Conrail C30-7 repainted to come close to a NJT U34CH:



Not my repaint, but a K-line F40PH repainted in VIA Rail.


Heavily modified HO MDC-Roundhouse PRR E6 with a Bowser Tender and a lot of super detail parts.


1947 Varney F3 painted in Western Maryland Speed Lettering for my dad.  I did a Fireball version for my Uncle.


Last, and used to be powered - Bachmann N scale Metroliner converted to cab car and repainted in the phase III scheme.  I don't have the eyes to do this anymore!





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Retired, 3497B862-2890-4223-B36C-725F32184A77The red American Flyer wide gauge 4683 was a basket  case when I received it. Ray Sorensen of Greer, South Carolina restored it for me a couple of years ago. He stripped it, rebuilt the drive, rewired, polished the brass and enameled the exterior.  It looks great and runs like it is new just out of the Flyer Chicago plant.  His email is lion5342@hotmail.com. He has done several other engines and passenger cars for me with great results. I highly recommend him.

The American Flyer 4683 on the bottom shelf was bought in an auction.  There is a TCA restoration  sticker on the  bottom indicating that it was restored by an O Arnston. He did a fine job.  It is also a great runner and has the working bell mechanism.

Jim Z




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I did not remember I stated this topic on 3-12-2012 !

Coolhand:   Welcome to OGR forum and thanks for resurrecting this old but good topic.  It has gotten lots of interest since you posted.

Here is my most fun repaint jobs as it really took a lousy looking General 4-4-0 and made it presentable.

I started with cheap Lionel General 4-4-0, 8005 dc powered set with coal tender and Lionel 9541 Santa Fe Railway Agency Express Passenger car.  I added a full wave rectifier and changed the Lionel 8005 to ac operation although in one direction.  A selector switch was added for manual reversal.  The engine was dressed up with gold stripping, a lighted head light and painting all red engine black for the boiler and stack.


A fuzzy picture of Lionel 8005 before painting and dressing up! Ponc. Train show & stuff 3-5-2016 038


The Lionel 8005 was painted, along with the red and silver front wheels and painted domes.  The body and stack were painted Black.  Gold stripping was added to dress up.  Much more beautiful ! Train -General 4-1-2016 005


Now that I have two Lionel General 4-4-0 locos, I can simulate The Great Locomotive Chase of the Civil War between the General and the Texas.  The Disney movie “The Great Locomotive Chase” is a good train movie to watch and the kids will enjoy it too.Train -General 4-1-2016 003


The last project to come out of JDS before Jeffrey closed up shop.

MTH Halloween train sacrificed for it's Oriole orange lighting.image

Jim B&O, Ma & Pa., Canton, and WM

TCA '04, WB&A '05, MDOG '11

"Be happy. You never know how much time you have left"


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I  have a few repaints...


Frisco #717 is a Atlas O GP35 repaint and ex EMD MP15 lease unit is a repaint.


Santa Fe #1455 is a repaint made from parts and parts and parts.


Santa Fe slug #118 and GP7u #1326 are repaints and made from parts and parts and parts.100_1769

Santa Fe GP20u is a wreck rebuilt with a 645 engine and GP7 long hood, repaint and made from parts and parts and parts.

Keith Johnson


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Think I posted this once before, but....

Engineer 1SP BackSP Front

Resurrected from a derelict (cosmetics) 624 C&O.  Mechanism was too sweet to ignore.  Added LED lights, Bachmann True Blast Plus sound, heavily amputated engineer in the cab, Microscale decals, window 'glass'.  Windshield wipers were added after these photos.

Fun project.

Also did a complementary transfer caboose from a derelict 6517 bay window caboose...


Had left over tiger stripes from the engine....why not a 'boose?  Strictly for fun....not for pickers of nit.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...



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Love the repaints!

I know it’s NOT a locomotive. Haven’t had a chance to repaint another F3 for this consist, but here is some MOW equipment painted for the Atlanta & West Point Railroad. The back-up light on the coal tender is a Swarovski Crystal.DA110ABF-61BB-49BE-978E-59CA46CFFB5ED1521BD5-BCF3-408F-975D-8F89A64D049651B5C6DB-07F3-4796-8159-41D619956D6D1BE824B5-9684-4D6B-B62B-44DD64B711A1860AE4A3-6016-45C9-B6D3-3EC0A42739288BAAB1C6-EC1F-4EF8-873A-3A09C9E5BCFC

American by birth. Southern by the grace of God.  


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Here is a bit more of my father’s handiwork. The Lionel FT-A was upgraded to TMCC with a detailed interior. He repainted an FT-B Texas Special to match. Both units have electro-couplers and diaphragms. A0551A1C-7079-4E18-B41A-A050D2C6F987D01A9717-E791-4882-94C0-2B03D6A85AA0E3AED3DC-657A-443C-8341-847309452797

American by birth. Southern by the grace of God.  


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Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted on the forum, as I’ve been busy with the cars lately. Still got some stuff though, unfortunately I can’t take pictures of the ones I’ve still got since they’re back home, but these were a few I repainted and sold off later on down the road.


Picked up this Joy Line engine last year with some cars, was almost bare metal entirely at the time. Repainted it with a couple cans of rustoleum in the dorm parking lot for ****s and giggles, made for a fun time.


I got this Marx Commodore for free in rough shape, decided to strip it and spray bomb it flat black to match the Lionel tender I had laying around. Good looking match in my humble opinion.


The tender here was an MPC piece I had laying around, engine shell was a 2026. The intention was to pair the body with a 1666 pilot, one of those MPC era 4 wheel pilot trucks, and a 2 wheel trailer to make a small Southern 4-6-2. Never came to fruition and I sold it off with some other oddities I started and never finished. 


The Local O Gauge Nut, confined to the attic of the insane asylum known as the family home.


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