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i just bought a post war Lionel culvert loader and unloader. Super excited.

Question: I live in Orlando FL. Is there anyone here that can repair the culvert loader that is local? If not, anyone I can ship it to for repair? The loader wouldn’t pick up culverts or drop them in the car. I fiddled around with it and got them to pick up, but not drop in the car. More fiddling and I broke a pin that sits in the arm to move the crane back and forth. I don’t want to do more damage and was hoping I cans send it to someone for adjustment and repair.



cool photos below



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8E5FD4A2-651F-41DC-A180-1721A9C4BCE8Thanks for the suggestion! I sent it to chuck and it is all good now. Of course when I got it back, the motor decided to quit on me. Chuck was great and had another motor he shipped me. Then, I installed the new motor and he helped me make some final adjustments. Now it seems to be up and running great. I can’t believe the condition too, got a great set. Finally got a small display shelf going.


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When this pair of action accessory works reliably, it's one of Lionel's best! I have a pair on my layout, and they work very well. Only occasionally does the loader drop a culvert on the rim (not the tray) of the waiting gondola.  My "five finger adjustment" is to slightly push the O gauge tubular track section of the siding alongside the accessory just a little bit to the outside. That slight movement of the track also moves the car and does the trick!

Mike Mottler     LCCA 12394

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