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We are very happy to announce the two $500.00 Grand Prize winners in our OGR "Wear Are You" contest.  The two winners were selected in a random drawing of all of the participants that submitted their picture per contest rules during this past fall York meet.

The two winners are:

MALLARD4468 ( Len Pasket )

RAILRIDE ( Patrick Jones )

Congrats to both of you!!

A note to the rest of the participants:  As promised, I said everyone would be a winner even if they didn't win the grand prizes so all of you that submitted a picture per contest rules have won a digital subscription.  Along with the digital subscription, you will have free access to the digital video library ( you must be a forum member ) as well as to every issue of the magazine ever published.  If you already have a digital subscription, we will add the one you won to it.  If you don't have a digital subscription, we will create one for you.  We will need your help to make sure you have access to the digital magazine as well as the digital library so please contact with your name and address and a phone number at which you can be reached.  Until we hear from you, we can not award your prize.

Once again I want to thank those of you that participated and helped make this a fun event!

From the OGR Team

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Congrats Railride and Mallard as well as all of you runner ups with that free digital subscription!  Hey Railride, are you buying another subway set with that OGR cash? LOL!

Hah! I didn't realize that replies were enabled on this thread till I came back to it a second time tonight (after seeing I was a winner yesterday (my jaw literally dropped! ) and sending off the requested email ) to link someone on another site to one of the few pics of me online

I hadn't been thinking about any subway sets at York*, but ran across an announcement of the Cabin Fever MTH auction on 10/30, and this time signed up and put in a few bids. Almost scored a single Lo-V add-on car, but let it go after bidding went to $110. I did come away with about 11 other cars though, so now awaiting confirmation of my shipping request.

* it would have been a bit of a challenge to acquire a subway set--the charter bus I came on had some sort of interlock that unexpectedly locked the cargo compartments some time after the drivers left. Being we were using a different bus company whose rules disallowed leaving any keys with the trip organizers, we couldn't stow our purchases during the day till the drivers returned at 5pm for our departure. My stuff sat in the engine compartment of my bus since it was the only hatch that would open (the other bus only had the wheelchair lift compartment accessible)


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