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This is the end on the picture to see the image full size.


NS 956 meets 958


Images (1)
  • NS 956 meets 958: The NS F's and Office Cars meet NKP 765 on the Rockville Bridge
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Hi Rich, I was able to post a picture the first time I tried. I did forget to scan down to the finished button the first time so I had to go back a try again, but it worked. I even put a short vedio up on the post.

I was one guy who was on the old site for about ten years and never found the time to do the 3rd party thing, this Hoopla site is so much nicer.


Thank You,

Mario E.

Thank you, Thank you Rich!!.  As they say one picture is worth a thousand words.  Couldn't be more simpler.  Sure beats the picture "mickey mousing" you had to do with the old forum.  I attempted it twice without sucess and just gave up, e-mailed the pictures and let someone else have all that fun.

Originally Posted by Bob Delbridge:

Every time I see a photo like yours I'm amazed at just how big the old steamers were.  That's a whole lotta metal going down the track

Yep...a lotta metal all right. 404 tons worth! That's 808,000 pounds! Now picture it roaring down the main line at 70 mph, with a 5,000 ton freight train behind it. Oh baby!


Glad you could use my instructions.



Something strange just happened. I made a post to this thread: then went back to add a picture to my post. I got the usual "success" message, and clicked to display in the body as usual. The picture comes up with a red "X" in the body. You can click on the small image and get the larger one, but the red "X" remains in the body. What went wrong?




Originally Posted by Burlington Route:

Can we post hosted pics from, say, photobucket...or is it just from our PC?

You can post photos linked from elsewhere, but it's a bit cumbersome that way. Uploading them from your computer to here is the best way to do this.


Originally Posted by prrhorseshoecurve:

strange... how come I only see a small square graphic image in an outline ?

If you mean the image in my original post here, that's a very good question. Somehow the link to the image got broken. I'll look into it.

Originally Posted by Burlington Route:

Rich, the reason I ask is that the vast majority of my pics are loaded up to PB rather than my home PC....had more crashes here at home thru the years than on PB...that and "most" forums seem to be remote host pic friendly and not PC hosted friendly. If it's a matter of bandwidth I can start keeping it PC loadable only for here.

It's a piece of cake to post pictures from your computer or PhotoBucket.  For Photobucket, you just have to select the IMG copy and paste it in the message here.  Here's an example from my PB account.


 Thanks GRJohn, I figured that the "img" method would work here. I have to upload my camera pics to the PC anyway before I ship them over to PB, so I can just save them in my file to use here too since the admin seems to prefer that way...when in rome...

 One of the pics of the new bachmann shorty On30 boxcars I did for someone who wanted to see pics of it but didn't have one-

 One of my current On30 diesel bashes-

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