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Just a quick update... I checked the size of the two Apple Compressed File (HEIF) pictures that I took for a different thread on OGR Forum that got me into this discussion, and their size was 1.2MB. Assuming that if I had used JPEG settings, I would have gotten a similar size to the above picture of 3.4MB, it sounds like Apple is using to 3 to 1 compression ratio which is not "that" bad. So my previous guess of 10 to 1 compression was not correct. Looking at the two Apple compressed files on a 24 inch monitor, I can see great details including counting rivets on a building.

As I posted earlier in the this thread, I converted the 2 pictures from HEIF type to PNG to post them on the other thread, and the size of the PNG files are 2.1MB, so again I don't think there was a whole lot of "loss" details.

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OK, finally figured out how to export the pix in their saved format (JPG or HEIC). Settings>Photos>Transfer to Mac or PC - check keep originals. This scene isn't a great example - not a lot of fine detail - but here's a comparison of one pic shot in HEIC, and one in JPG. Opened both in PS, cropped to a little under 1,000 pixels on a side, and saved as the highest jpeg quality.

First is HEIC:


Second is the jpeg:


The jpeg out of the phone was 4.6 MB, and the HEIC was 3 MB.

And, just to confirm what DG wrote, uploading the HEIC file to the forum didn't work. It shows a page with the corner turned down where the image thumbnail should be under files, when in edit reply.



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I agree with Jim, I have uploaded Apple compressed pictures to Windows 10 computers with no problem, posted them on camera forums with no problems (not surprising), and text/emailed them to Android based devices with no problems for the receiving party, so that is why I was surprised when OGR forum software didn’t seem to like the files.

In fact the way I converted the Apple compressed pictures to PNG files to post here was to upload them to a Windows 10 computer and then convert and post them

@fastman posted:

There is nothing  in these directions that seem to apply to my Imac Thanks Tho

Maybe not exactly the same, but the process is basically the same on an Imac.

  • Start a NEW POST or a REPLY to an existing post.
  • If you are starting a NEW POST, click on "Upload Attachments."
  • If you are REPLYING in an existing thread, click on "Add Attachments" in the bottom left.
  • The "Photos or Camera" window will open on your Imac. (TOUCH 1)
  • Click on "Upload Files" (TOUCH 2)
  • Find theimage you want inyour photo library. Click on it to choose it. (TOUCH 3)
    (There may be one more thing you will have to touch here.)
  • Click the button which says, "Insert all photos and videos into post body (large size)" (TOUCH 4)
  • Click "Finished" (TOUCH 5)
  • Click "Submit Reply" (TOUCH 6)


If you can see the pictures you post on a Windows PC, but not on your Android phone, that suggests more of a problem with your Android phone settings than an uploading problem.  Maybe you have some security software that is "blocking" the photos from your phone, or maybe it just takes a while longer for your phone to "download" those photos.


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