Hopefully someone can help. So my Boston and Maine 2346 works great, but here’s the catch. The horn is finicky, but not in the sense that it doesn’t work. It NEVER SHUTS OFF!! I replaced the rollers which were shot, and still the same problem. After inspection, the relay is getting stuck together when the horn is activated. I sanded the contacts but it still got stuck. It almost seems like it’s magnetized too much and the lower portion of the relay won’t drop upon release of the horn on the transformer. Any help would be great. This just started happening so I’m not sure what’s causing it. Thanks guys!

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I've had a relay that did the same thing. Once I sprayed a little rubbing alcohol on the relay armature and moved it up and down several times and it stopped sticking. Give that a try first before you attempt to adjust anything.

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If cleaning doesn't help, If you are careful you can do this without taking the whole relay apart is one or 2 thickness's of Scotch tape on the armature face will solve the problem. You can feed it in on the armature (flapper piece that moves) with a pair of tweezers. This will lessen the magnetic field and will drop out.


i tried the scotch tape and that seemed to work. I’m going to try and very lightly lubricate the armature as well to increase the ease at which it raises and drops. But one little piece of tape made the difference. The horn seems to be working for the most part, sometimes it cuts in and out but what can I ask of something 65 years old right? 

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