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Has anyone modified this accessory with a modern can motor?  I have had nothing but continuous poor and inconsistent operation from the vibrating motor in this unit. I've read many posts from people that share my frustration with this accessory. Lionel re-produced this item in 2009 item 6-14000 and want to know how to find the service and parts schematic manuals for this. Help! Anyone?

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The 264 Forklift takes a bit of tuning to get it to operate properly.  I've made adjustments to the spring and have done a thorough cleaning of all moving parts.  A bit of graphite helps on certain moving pieces.  

The one thing I have learned, at least with the one I have, is that it works better at higher voltages.  This makes for a rather determined fork lift driver.....LOL   Also, I did not fasten it to the platform at the back end.  I just let the track hold it in place.  

Fastening it down hard to the platform is a subject of some debate.  For some, it works better.  For others allowing some floating, if you can call it that, seems to be the trick.  

At any rate, I agree, a can motor would be a good solution.  However, we are still playing with toys that are fifty, sixty and seventy years old.  Most with the ubiquitous vibrator mechanism.  And they are still working or near waking.  I wonder how long a can motor would have lasted in these toys.  

I've read through this thread because I've been looking at adding a 264 to my PW layout.  But I got so frustrated with the 356 freight station adjustments (and loud noise) a few years ago that I gave up on it and it just sits as a static display on my layout.  Am I in for more of the same with the 264?   Are later versions less temperamental?  Some vibrator motor PW accessories work fine (e.g. culvert load/unload), others not so much.

I have wondered how yoyo wax or other dressing might perform on the string. I always suspect slip or lack of it first. Some of my vibration motors strings seemed waxed.

For sliding and plastic gear issues on things that should remain dry, graphite can be messy. So can talcum and doesn't always help.

  I use a plastic safe teflon dry lube (spray evaporates).  It looks like a very thin waxy dishwasher mineral haze at first, but can be polished off, leaving surface VERY slick and bone dry (or left on to spread with contact) (originally for airplane de-icing & build up prevention. It actually repels dirt when thin too )

It's my go to for my watchmans shanty. (to be honest, after two applications a few months apart, it still doesn't need it again after 7 years)

Id keep it off my string and belt track on pullies and use sparingly too. My last can lasted a decade used very often but sparingly. A drop'll do ya really; I rarely spray out more than an extension tube full and apply drop from it that way.

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