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I've bought all the correct parts and still couldn't get these vibro motors to work good.

I had to adjust the spring, and use different string.  So my point is you may have luck with other off brand parts.

Went to fishing store and bought 3 different weights of braided line.  One of them worked good.

The wrap around the pulley is also important.   Lots of trial and error.  You may have a simpler time with this accessory.  I worked on the culvert accessories that are more complicated.

BTW, don't use any lube around the string or pulley.  If needed a drop on the pulley axle.

Good luck

You say the vibrator motor is vibrating. But is it vibrating strongly? Have you tried adjusting the Gap by bending the bracket? If it's just humming or barely vibrating it's not going to do anything. These things have to really vibrate quite aggressively. They're not going to be quiet either. It's going to make a racket. That's how they were designed.

Make sure the string eyelet is fixed solid to the armature.  
try different voltages

make sure pulley is clean  it may help to roughen the groove so the string can bite   But it may also be the the string is too rough  
that is why I went to fishing line  

try different spring tensions by moving spring mounting locations.  I held the spring hook in a small screwdriver by hand and stretched the spring at different positions why varying voltage to get the right tension for it to work.  
it took me hours of experimenting to get the right combination.

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