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Hi all,

I inherited my dad’s postwar Texas Special.  I’ve got it running all great, but the front screw hole on the shell is chewed up pretty bad.  I’m just looking to see if anybody else out there has had this problem and what they’ve done to fix it.  I was thinking of filling the hole with JB Weld and drilling & tapping it for a screw.  Got any better ideas?  Thank you!



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If they're like that one is, and the only support for one end of the shell, I might consider a slightly more robust repair.  I'd replace the post with a like diameter chunk of brass tubing, secure it to the shell with JB-Weld, and then fill it with JB-Weld also.  Then you can drill it out, and it'll never split and require another pass.   I've never gotten any of those repairs back.  For shells with multiple posts, I typically repair them with something like a plastic soda straw, though I better lay in a supply before they're extinct like the dinosaurs!

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