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Here’s some before/ after pics of detailed cleaning from 66+ years of funk on the frame & truck assemblies of Lionel’s Southern 2356T (Non Powered A Unit). In the last pic, you can see the amount of grime accumulated over the years from just this alone. All that’s needed now is to reattach the shell & lubricate for its new life here on the rails @ FRV.
Next up is the B Unit, then on to the A Powered Unit…

Happy Friday to Y’all Train Folk!



Images (6)
  • Front truck assembly
  • Rear truck assembly
  • Scraping buildup w/ a dental pick.
  • Front all clean
  • Rear all clean
  • 66+ years of grime removed.
Videos (2)
Mineral spirits bath.
Horns sounding good.

Flint that is one good looking PW Sothern great shape and a job well done cleaning! By chance what do you use to clean? I enjoy buying PW engines that need to be brought back to life again and run for another 70 years. Think for me just tearing them apart and degreasing is just as much fun as running.  God Speed enjoy the fourth of July!

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Today’s Tip is brought to you by
800 Grit Sandpaper...

Do you want your contacts on your O22’s to be clean & refreshed as possible making a super snappy connection when activated?
Take a tiny piece of sandpaper (I’ve got all grits, but using 800 here) & polish the upper contact by applying lite pressure w/ your finger & scrub the paper back & forth a couple times. Flip over & get your bottom contact. I use a tiny flat end pick to apply pressure while scrubbing each available face as switch is in said position. The bath it’s sitting in is mineral spirits, which I find works best for me. You may choose whatever cleaning agent of your preference.
They’re so clean, an ant could use those contacts as a mirror. 🪞🐜
With a bit of elbow grease & effort, You too can have worrisome & trouble free O22’s that are super responsive & a pleasure to operate.    
Bottom pic is my current project. Finally getting around to cleaning switches & laying track for this 30”x8’ addition off the original 8’x8’ layout. Put it off for far to long, so I’m pretty excited to get this tackled!

From Eli here @ FRV,
Y’all have a Wonderful Monday!



Images (4)
  • Cleaning upper contact.
  • Cleaning lower contact.
  • Completely cleaned switch housing.
  • Last work to get done on the main level.

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