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Another fun rebuild/ restoration the past couple months. Prewar Lionel’s Z 250 Watt Transformer. My postwar Z had some crumbling bakelite on the lower base, causing trouble w/ the #1 throttle. So I stripped this other Prewar Z down & rebuilt it w/ a new cord. It’s since been installed where the other lived on my 6’ long Control Panel, & is working like a champ for some of the accessories on the layout.


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Prewar Lionel Z 250 Watt Transformer

And now we’re back to a fully documented breakdown & rebuild.
I have no words to share w/ y'all about this clip, so I’ll let the video speak for itself.
Would love to hear what Y’all think…

For folks interested in such & looking for info on this site of said topic, I will include the title to the clip in hopes it’s helpful to whomever:
Complete Breakdown & Rebuild of Postwar Lionel’s 2169WS Freight Set: Featuring the 773 & 2426W

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