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Hello all. I've posted some of these pictures on a couple of the other threads, but figured I'd just go ahead and start a thread to chronicle my layout progress. This is a 2-rail O scale layout that I began construction on in April 2022. It was originally 46'x20' but is expanding to 46'x30'. Here's a few pictures of some of the areas around the layout. I've also included a link to my latest layout update video. I'll post more pictures and video of the progress. Scenery is one of my favorite aspects of the hobby.


Here's my current project, laying track on the expanded mainline. Last weekend I added this large rock wall, which I got from a friend of mine who is presently tearing down his O scale layout.


Here's my latest layout update video (more to come):


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Its nice to see  how you composed your scenes.   The proper auto's buildings and details for a given time in history. I Model early 20's to 40'sand getting it right can be tricky.  glad you dont have the ghostbusters car , and a taco bell in the mix

Thanks Dave. No, you won't find any Taco Bells or Ghostbusters cars here! Lol. It's 1955...I'm pretty rigid on that when it comes to selecting vehicles, signage, rolling stock, etc. While I Proto-freelance, I want it to be as realistic as possible to the setting and place.

Great work, Ryan, thanks for sharing!  I agree that prototypical realism to a time period really advances a layout.  Your structures and details are really nicely done...
and you accomplished all of this just starting in April of 22?  Wow.

Thank you! Yes, while I'm not a rivet counter, I do want to capture the prototypical realism of the time period.

Yes, we moved into the house in late 2021, and I started benchwork the first week of April 2022. I try to spend 30 minutes every night working on it. Some days that happens, some days it doesn't...but it's amazing how a little time each day adds up. I'll also go through spurts where I do a lot in a 1-2 week period, especially if I'm off work but home.

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