Has anyone used this?  It seems pretty universal from a power input standpoint as it appears that it can connect to the accessory posts on a transformer.  I’m considering using it for some streetlights and a few other LEDs to be turned on when it “gets dark.”  There are some other versions for sale as well.

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Ultimately, that is my question.  It appears that it allows an input of various voltages and output those to either 3 or 12 volts.  There are also some connection points labelled 1 to 4.  It seems that it should do more than just distribute different inputs to 2 alternate outputs?

  • 100% Brand new and high quality.
  • This distribution is the ideal solution for the model train to supply all lighting.
  • Be with dimmer control for LED lights and can adjust light brightness.
  • Controller at 3V,output is stable 3V; Controller at DIR,output is near to the input; Controller at 12V,output is stable 12V.
  • One distributor can support 28 lights. Please expand to several boards if using more lights. But the total output current must be less than input current.
  • Operation with DC, AC
  • 3 input terminals.

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Why go back to DCC when I have DCS!

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