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I have 1960 Lionel O gauge locomotive, gifted by Santa Claus when I was 5 years old.

I run a few modern trains on my modest 4x4 layout.  My vintage train, was safely tucked away in a box most of the last 60 years, I have no reason to believe it won't run.  It is in good condition.

My problem is I have no way to power it on my layout-no transformer.  What do I need to make it go?  I'm looking for the modern equivalent of a transformer, that will control my vintage train and my modern.

I'm new at this and don't know anything.

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For a simple "around the layout" transformer, look on Ebay for a Lionel model 1033 or its slightly younger equivalent the 1044.  They run about $15 to $30 in good condition.  Maybe a member here will offer you one so that you can get going.

You'll want to arrange the wiring with a simple "either-or" switch or a couple of plug/sockets so that you will be able to choose which power supply to use. The modern trains are probably not compatible with the older transformer.

Agree with Arthur. My grandfather ran his 1960 General using a 1033. Reliable, no muss/no fuss postwar transformer. I've got it and the General set now. If you've got modern Lionel Lionchief sets, you CAN use a 1033 or other postwar transformer. We run my youngest Thomas the Tank Engine with postwar transformers instead of the fixed voltage wall wart that came with the Thomas set.

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