I finally decide to order one for the upcoming Christmas season and I see the 6-22983 has been replaced with the newer 6-85226 in the latest catalog. Lionel must have had a reason to change the part number. Yet the combo 6-37947 that has the throttle and brick, has not changed part number, so are they going to ship the old version with it, while they last, and just switch to the new version and leave the part number alone?

With the newer one being back-ordered in most shops, people must want the newer version, if they can get it.

Anyone know what is the difference? 


USMC 1966-69

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It would be nice if Lionel (or someone) would describe the upgrades/changes/differences (if any), I'd like to know too. There was talk of changes being made to the coming batch of 6-22983s a couple of years ago when they were out of stock for so long. The part number never changed when they finally became available, so I guess those were the same items?

I have a couple of the newer 6-22983s, from after the long wait. From the outside they look identical. I want to one day take the covers off and compare both to see if I can determine any inner differences. That's on a long list of to do's, maybe one of these says...I did order the proper triangle screw driver for them, hope it fits as it's supposed to. 

Could it be that since the PH-180 only makes up half of the 6-37947 (GW-180) they left the part numbers the same? I'm curious here as well.

I should have added that my PH-180s have been operating flawlessly for several years, great power supply and the breakers are also excellent. I haven't even run across the half cycle problem with the LED yet, but I guess it will probably get me someday. I guess they are not completely perfect, but seem to be really, really close!

Can someone explain what CJACK means when he wrote -- One thing they could have done is protect the LED in the switch from the "other" half cycle of the AC input voltage.

I am also confused - what is the GW180??  From the Lionel catalog description, the PowerHouse power supply "provides overcurrent protection in the event of a short circuit"   Are they saying that the PowerHouse is nothing more than a circuit breaker??

Please help, I am a 'newbie' to all this electronic stuff, thanks ---   

The LED just has a resistor for current limiting, but it doesn't have reverse voltage protection.

The PowerHouse 180 is a 180 watt transformer with a very good circuit protection electronic breaker.

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