What the best power source to use with dcs wifi and legacy's.?I'm using l I'm using  lionel 180 bricks now.not sure if that's what I should be using but that's what I have on hand.any information would be greatly appreciated. 


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I am a big fan of the PH-180 bricks and use them for all track power on my layout. I have them running through my TIU channels to MTH terminal blocks, from there out to all track blocks. I connected Legacy to all the TIU output commons. It's worked quite well for over 6 years now. The PH-180s give you the most bang for the buck and arguably, have the best breakers of any power supplies available for use with our trains. So, IMO, I would definitely say you have the correct power supplies.

I have a Lionel PH-1 18v 10amp brick on my layout and all was well till a couple weeks ago. I'm running two trains on a single track with Tiu and DCS. All of a sudden it keeps shutting down as if a derailment occupied.  Acts as if the breaker is getting weaker as it happens more and more.

I'm wondering if ten amps is enough or is there something else going on.

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