Hello all..  I am setting up a small layout for my grandson..  I am using the Z1000 controller to power the train and 1 switch.  I didn’t see anywhere to hook up any accessories to the Z1000, and I want to power 3 12v ac lights in a tunnel.  Can I use a lock on or an ITD to power them from the track?  I don’t want to buy another transformer for just 3 lights.  Thanks for any advice


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You could but, the lights will dim and brighten depending on the throttle setting.  Also, 12v bulbs may be too small since your track could get up to 18v.

What about some battery powered LED lights.  There are a lot of different sizes, colors and numbers of bulbs.  You can find quite an assortment in stores like Hobby Lobby and Michael’s.


z1000 brick acc 14vac connector

The Z-1000 brick (not the controller) has a fixed 14V AC output on screw-terminals.  Is/was it inconvenient/impractical to run an extra wire from the brick to the switch?  Same question for power the tunnel lights.

If you can run the extra wire from 14V AC to the tunnel, you can use ~$1 of diodes to lower the 14V AC from the brick to ~12V AC.  But if you absolutely, positively, want to power the 12V AC bulbs from the variable AC track voltage then it comes under the category of anything is possible given enough time and money!

So what are these three 12V AC tunnel lights you have?  Bulbs can typically be powered by AC or DC.  If DC can be used, additional options are available.


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