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Just received this item and there was no Owner's Manual included.

Checked the Lionel website; doesn't look like there ever was one. Also checked their Lionel Support website and found none.

Box and website says illuminated interior. There are two very thin wires attached to it.

How do I wire it so the lights light?

I was thinking of connecting it to the Plug-Expand-Play system by connecting the bare ends of the wires to one of the PEP cables that has bare ends.

If that's not correct, then what? Can I connect it to track power?

I presume it takes 12 to 14 volts, but what about when I power the track to the standard 18 volts?

On my future (permanent) layout I plan on using the CW-80 transformer to power accessories. Will that be a problem in the future?



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The constant 18V via Lionchief (PnP) track power is potentially too much for the 14V #161 bulb. Even with the extant heat deflector, it may even melt the roof at 18V. Note that a LED could be installed, but it too would be overdriven at 18V without additional circuit complexity.
As you indicate, 12-14V is more reasonable. Since Lionel did not provide Fahnestock clips, you will need to connect the wires directly to an appropriate 12-14V power source such as the CW-80 in the traditional manner, i.e. stripping/ splicing/ twisting wires together.
Note you could connect the wires to the track- provided that the track voltage is set in the traditional 12-16V operating range.

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