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There's a great deal to be said for modeling railroads prior to 1900: the locos and cars are shorter and you can fit a great deal more into a given area; you don't have to worry about complicated stuff like signals and motor vehicles. While there haven't been a great deal of models available, that has changed in the last few years with the great products being offered by SMR trains. You can also find kits for pre-1900 freight cars from a few manufacturers. If you get a chance, check out Bernie Kempinski's work on his Civil War era layout at his blog . There really is a great deal that can be done. Besides, pre-1900 brings out the best in O Scale... There is enough to get you going and more than enough that you have to do yourself.


I have attached a photo of SMR's lates loco release: a Pennsy D6a from about 1882. They also have a D6 and beautiful Pennsy passenger cars. There are 4 photos of cars I've build and, a photo of a car I built from a BTS kit. Check them out.


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I have attached some photos of a pre-1900 gondola that I just finsihed, except for some light weathering. The car is built from my IML Flat Car Kit. The trucks are by RY Models and the lettering is from SMR Trains dry transfers. The gondola sides were built from scrap wood and n/b/w castings. The paint is Krylon Primer and the inside was finished with a wash of India Ink and alcohol.


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  • IML Flat Gom 001
  • IML Flat Gom 002
  • IML Flat Gom 003
  • IML Flat Gom 004

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