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Good afternoon all,

I have been waiting for this York for about 3 years now, at my first one I learned why you need to be in the TCA.

Long an short my TCA membership lapsed, and after a quick phone call I am now once again a dues paying member.

However the York Registration site has not been updated with that information yet. On top of that when I call the number for registration, I get a message about someone’s internet being out and to call back at such and such a time. I have attempted this several times now.

So do I need to pre register to get full access or can I do this at this door?

I have my hotel room booked, my look for list together and even dinner reservation and theater tickets to make this a trip my wife will enjoy as well. How nervous  should I be at this point?

Also if any one can point me in a better direction that would be most appreciated.

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You can register at the meet and get full access, provided that your membership record is updated.  One can also join TCA at the meet.  The main benefit to pre-registration is that you can walk right into the halls rather than waiting in line to get your badge.

The hotel reservation is the hardest thing - since you have that, you can rest easy.

Also, watch the other York threads for tips - Clem's Primer, nearby activities, bringing cash, etc.

Long time ago you would have wanted to have everything done ahead of time.  There were very long lines crowded up at the door ahead of time, a real mob scene.

However, anymore you can just walk in, very short lines, buy the current year membership, get a new number and all is good.

IME, no train shows anywhere have mob scenes anymore.

My first train show upon re-entrance to model railroading was the 1993 (?)   NMRA Nationals in Valley Forge Pennsylvania.  The attendance was overwhelming, something like 32,000 paid admissions.

Even free admission would not get that number these days

Last Fall there was a 20 minute line to register right at opening so if you don’t preregister you might want to get there an hour early.  Also if they wouldn’t get your membership card to you in time they can look it up on line. The girls at the registration desk are so friendly they will make sure you get in.  Did you remember to get your your wife a family membership in the TCA, it’s like a buck or two and then she has access to all the halls also.   ( They can do that at the registration desk also )

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