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Hi there-new member-first post!

I am very ignorant about pre-war Lionel couplers. I have a very nice red Lionel 264e and 265T tender that I believe has a box coupler. I’ve read the Red Comet set had two #603 Pullman cars, and one #604 Observation car. My Greenburg book says these cars had latch couplers. I found a set of two #610 Pullmans and one  #612 observation car which look like they have latch couplers. I do not have the passenger cars at hand to look at, only photos. To my untrained eye, it doesn’t look like the same thing. IIRC, I read somewhere that the latch couplers would work somewhat with the box couplers. My question is whether or not the coupler on the #610 will work with the coupler on my tender? I will try to provide photos of each.



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  • 265T coupler
  • 610/612 COUPLERS
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Thanks Rob! Now I need to know about size. I have found that the 810 is about 1 1/2" longer than the 803, but I can't find out how tall the two cars are. I did see somewhere that someone said that in his opinion the 803 would look better. Are you or anyone else familiar with the 264 loco and the 803/810 sizes? I don't think I would want the 810 if it was taller than the locomotive. If not, do you know where I could find out?



Hi Tom-You're right about the value in pre-war. I wouldn't be able to afford as many toys if they were more recent. I got started a couple years ago after watching a documentary about streamlining. I have several Commodore Vanderbilts, Lionel and Marx and a few Dreyfus Hudsons and Torpedos. My biggest satisfaction from all this was smelling the ozone that I still remember from childhood running a Lionel around the small oval on the floor with my Dad in the early '50s.  Several of the Marxes weren't running when I got them, but now all are. About half my Lionels aren't running and I am just now getting up the nerve to tackle them.

I'm really glad to have found a place where I can get some help!!!

Charles, Much of the time a thorough cleaning can get them up and running. Start with the wheels and rollers. Also clean the commutator plate (I use a Q-tip). I am probably a minority in using this, but I use Goo Gone on all of that and the track, too (just a speck on the comm. plate). Goo Gone may be bad for traction tired locos, but if you are running true prewar (and not newer repros) you will be fine. You can use the OGR Search feature to find things from cleaning cars, locos, track, etc. as well as finding parts, too.

There are also OGR videos you can access as a member.

Take before and after pictures. Good luck.


Thanks Tom. I've done that to most if not all the ones not running. I think the remaining problems most likely are in the e unit. I have successfully done an "e unit bypass" on a few of my Marx motors and have just recently found a youtube video for doing the same on Lionel.

If that fails, I want to learn to troubleshoot armature and coil. I have a meter, just need to learn where to take readings and what to look for.

I just bought a nice running motor for a 264/265 on ebay, so I will be trying the bypass on one of the existing motors pretty soon. If I kill it, I'll have the new motor to put in!

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