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Your Dad's set was not in the general consumer catalog. It contains a grouping of a locomotive and cars that was only available from the distributor AMC. The sets were likely sold to Mom and Pop hardware stores in the general area for a special wholesale price in the midst of the depression that was below the catalog price of a similar set.  The guide book also lists a AMC set 'Special no. 2"

The orange stripe on the engine was discontinued in 1933, so your set dates to 1932.

Ok, just did more research....disregard all the info above. I was going by Eddie G's post as far as engine number. While I can't read the number in the picture on the locomotive plate, I'm pretty sure it is 258. That changes everything.

You set is #236 and manufactured in 1930. It was cataloged. It retailed for 16.50, with track, but no power supply.

From my 1930 catalog:IMG_0702


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