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For sale is Lionel postwar set 2171W.  I am the second owner of the set. The set includes the 2344P/2344T New York Central AA F-3 diesel units a No. 3461X operating lumber car, a No. 3464 NYC operating boxcar, the No. 3469X operating ore dump car, the No. 6520 searchlight car with maroon generator, a No. 6457 caboose.  I have restored the set to full operating condition.  All paint is original.  Only the parts listed below have been replaced.   It also comes with the Power A unit box and whats left of the caboose box.  While I like the set, I do not run it much at all.  I mostly run command stuff.  These AAs were the most feature loaded that Postwar Lionel made.  These have magnetraction, separately applied handrails, step ladders on trucks, cover plates over the knuckle couplers, metal vent screens, port hole windows.  Later versions of the F3s, lost many of these features.

Asking $399 Plus shipping or best offer.  I will be at October York and also First Frost Allentown Meet instead of shipping.  Local pickup is also possible in south east PA.  Contact me via my email in my profile.  I can do Cash/Paypal (friends and family)/Check (must clear before shipping)

The Powdered A unit has repo  port hole windows, battery holder, new slide shoe, new knuckle springs, new contact rollers. Minor battery damage to shell but inside is completely clean.

Dummy A has repo port hole windows, rear step ladder, new knuckle springs

Operating Box car - Repo knuckle, new knuckle springs

Log car - Repo knuckle, new knuckle springs, 4 new stakes, new wiring

Dump car - new wiring, new knuckle springs

Searchlight car - New knuckle springs, new wiring

Caboose - new wiring, knuckle springs.

I have gone over the entire set, cleaned all trucks, gear boxes.  All old grease removed and fresh label 106 grease added.  The set operates perfectly.  Eunit is all original and cycles well.

135 Powerhouse.  New in box.  $50

6-7518 Carson City mint car.  Used.  $15


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