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I recently received my car that I ordered and I noticed an error that Lionel made in the "vital stats" listed in the panel to the right of the door.  It indicates that he was "Governor of Georgia 1971-1975".   He was never a governor of any state.  

Does anybody know if Lionel is aware of this error and if they are planning on doing anything to correct it?BushcarBushcar


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There was a thread on this a few weeks ago, but it didn't survive long due to the topic going down the sort of inevitable political path.

Maybe this one will survive long enough for someone from Lionel to chime in.

It would be nice if they were to step up and correct it, but it would of course be great expense for them to make new ones or redo the decoration. 

This is a little more of a drastic error than when they simply misspelled "awarded" as "awared" on one of the other cars.  Cut and Paste will get you every time.

In fairness, it was cataloged with the same error (at least in the digital version on-line,  I did not check the hard copy catalog, but I imagine it's the same). 

Apparently no one zoomed in to read all the text back in the catalog days.  I know I certainly didn't.


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