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@Rocco posted:

Does anyone have a listing of the previous Pacifics that Lionel released for American Flyer and the Roadnames that were made?  If they could post catalog pictures that would be great as well.


From what I recall:

2006 Chicago & Alton (set)

2006 Erie,

2007 Blue Comet (set)

2008 B&O,

2012 Southern Crescent Limited (set,) Cataloged but Cancelled

Bear in mind the catalog images are photoshopped and some (C&A) are of O gauge models.


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Not to forget the NASG site, which has a compiled listing of most Lionel released American Flyer products.

Note: Not all pacifics are listed on the locomotive page yet, however, the site still provides a real good overview of what has been released in recent years.

The NASG has recently rebuilt their site which explains why it is currently an ongoing project.  ...will take you there, first class at that!


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