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Hi out there, I'm trying to get info on the two different types of motors used in the Lionel [2-4-2] "Baldwin Driver" prewar 229.  I'm pretty sure one of them (the latest [40-42]) is a derivative of the prewar1662 motor which has a few other modifications.  This "guess" aligns with the introduction dates of the 1662.  The early version of the 229 motors, seem/could be a derivative of the 1681 motor.  The prewar 204 [2-4-2] also has Baldwin Drivers and it seems to also be a derivative of the 1662 motor, but I cannot relate/cross-reference (parts wise) the 204 motor components to the later 229 motors using the references I have at hand.  The ref I do have seems to indicate the "drivers" on the 204 and 229 are the same part numbers.  Wondering if anyone could direct me to a source for more info.  Thanks

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The lineage of the 22x series locomotives is well defined in Greenburg (2002) and Doyle (2005).  In 1938, Lionel launched a new line of scale detailed locomotive with four standardized boilers.  These included 1684, 1666, 204, 224, 225, 226 and 229.

The very small boiler casting was used for the 204 (O gauge) and 1684 (O-27).  Photos show that these had a relatively primitive driver. 

The small boiler casting was used for the 224 (O), 1666 (O-27), 229 (O) and 1664 (O-27).  The 224 and 229 had the Baldwin disc drivers .  I believe this boiler was used also for the postwar 2026.

The medium boiler casting was used only for the 225, and the large boiler casting for the 226 and postwar the Berkshire.

I looked through my 1938, 1939 and 1940 catalos and could find no mention of the 204 or 1684.  Likely they were used only in very cheap uncataloged sets, maybe department store specials.

The 1938 announcement of Baldwin disc drivers shows them only for O gauge engines.  We see the same pattern in 1946 to 1949, Baldwin disc for O gauge and a primitve style for O-27.

As for the motors, I believe most of them were the same except for driver type and pickup rollers or shoes.

A matching line of switchers came out in 1940,  - after the 204 and 229.  Drivers look the same as the 204 and 1684.

So, this cross correlation can get VERY confusing but the gist of your question can be answered thusly ... the 229 motor is the same as the 204. These 2 are "O Gauge". The 1662 and derivatives (1663-1664-1684-1688-1689-1700) are basically the same motor assembly. These are "0-27" 4 wheel Locomotives . The 1666 and 1668 are closely related motor-wise and are "0-27" 6 wheel locomotives.  Now, there is a huge amount of cross pollination with motor parts from across the product line. Armatures, brush plates, brushes, springs etc.  Even more cross pollination from a running gear and decoration parts perspective.

To answer your supposition, the 204/229 is NOT the derivation of a 1662 motor... or 1681 as these are both "JR" or 0-27 motors.

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