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Never heard of a red-orange variation.  They were red, but the color scheme depends on the year of production.  Earlier production cabooses had a darker red cupola.

However, you specifically asked about a 3201 caboose, which would be an unlighted version from 1932.  The color scheme should be approximately the same as the 3211 from 1931. 

c. 1931


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Thanks for the info. Yes the 3201 was made in ‘32. I did notice that the copula was a darker red. So I’m thinking the body & roof would be caboose red and the copula would be a deep red. I assume the paint would be acrylic? A big question I have is whether the paint is gloss, semi-gloss, satin, or a matte type finish? I really appreciate your in depth knowledge as I am relatively new to restorations.



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