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Got a 225 w\ a 2235t tender that had a whistle and pickups added to it. Bought some gondolas, Baby Ruth car , and NYC caboose in tin plate for the 225 to pull! Now I have all three prewar diecast brothers: 224e,225,and 226e. Awesome engines. Just amazing that these are 80 plus years old and run as smooth as they doPXL_20220630_021103152PXL_20220630_021128750PXL_20220630_021134080PXL_20220630_021225746PXL_20220630_021148265PXL_20220702_004743787PXL_20220702_004751366PXL_20220702_004757590PXL_20220702_004803483PXL_20220702_004808183PXL_20220630_021141029


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Donnie, I agree with your assessment of these fine engines.  Like you I have all three and believe they are the smoothest and most silent running certainly of all the pre-war Lionel locomotives.  The early 675's and 2025's of the early post-war era rival them but I do believe they share the same motor.  Great Lionel locomotives all of them!

The 226 by far is the best engine out of my roster. Just a smooth, quiet running engine. The detailing for a 1938 model is still a marvel to me. The detail and sound of a prewar whistle in the 2226w is awesome. The added detail of the firebox glow is extremely enjoyable as well. The 225 is an excellent puller. I had no worries loading the gondolas with some small rocks. It doesn't even phase the engine. My 224e has been a little bit of a basket case. But for the price I paid well worth it. Nice to work on these units as well. Can't see myself ever owning a 763 or 700 due to price and 072 radius they require. Could be wrong,but those just seem to fragile and I don't know if I could trust myself with those.  IMG_20220129_113915202PXL_20220615_224954178


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@Strummer posted:

Very, very nice.

How similar is the mechanism of a 1666 to these? I ask simply because after I went through my post war phase and sold pretty much everything, I kept a 1666 and 2026 because they ran better, smoother and quieter than any of the other steamers I had acquired (675,2020, etc...)


Mark in Oregon

I could be wrong, and please anyone correct me if I'm wrong. I believe the 1666 is the same as the 224 aside from being classified as an 027 engine with slide shoes vs roller contacts on the  the O guage 224. The 1666 is still a great running engine!

"Can't see myself ever owning a 763 or 700 due to price and 072 radius they require. Could be wrong,but those just seem to fragile and I don't know if I could trust myself with those."

Donnie, I agree that the 763s appear to be more fragile. On the other hand, they were built to be run, and if you have good track work and are careful, they can be run with minimal risk. I run my black 763e every few years, and it runs like new.

Back to the 224, 225 and 226, does anyone know why Lionel never made a gunmetal 226e?


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