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I do hope I am in the correct area, if not I apologize. My adopted parents just came East from Arizona to get rid of the heat (that they brought with them). To my surprise they stopped to visit and  replied this box is for you, I figured I give it to you now rather than wait till I die and then you get it as it is in my will. In the box I was shocked to find in their original boxes, albeit torn up, were the following items. All numbers are on the side of the boxes as the end flaps are all gone except one car.

#1662 Engine, #2203T Tender, #2677 #2679 and #2682X Cars. Track, Transformer and #167 with some wire. He said it all ran when he had it around the tree a few years ago. They all have a hook style coupler. It obviously was a set. I would like to know the set Number. I Love them and plan on putting them on my newly installed Snyder shelves in the hall leading to the Train Room so everyone may see them.

Thank you in advance. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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Wow. I kinda thought either 42 or 43 from listening to him but he really did remember too much. Thank you for the outfit number. I think the set is so cool. I had Lionel as a child in the mid and late 50's bt they were Post War because of the couplers and I knew my Dad had purchased them. Have no idea of outfit numbers or even what we had. Just remember that there were two Steam Sets fed b a ZW four handle transformer. I remember a few buildings and our local Doctor giving me Lionel War Bonnet Passenger set in 67'.

Chuck I don't know but the box has 167 on it and truthfully I did not pull the items out of the box.

Thank You Gentlemen. What a pleasure to get answers from a forum like this. Very Rewarding!

CurtisH posted:

Thank You Gentlemen. What a pleasure to get answers from a forum like this. Very Rewarding!

Curtis, I was delighted to see your question addressed so well. These OGR regulars are incredible, walking encyclopedias and more. They know so much AND are able to retrieve the needed information at the drop of a hat. To top it off, they are so good and kind as to volunteer their vast knowledge and experience.

So three cheers to the OGReers!

Pete F.

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My guess is that the 167 controller was purchased separately to permit much easier reverse operation.

The 1940 1059 set had the low priced 1039 transformer which had no reverse button. But if you hooked it to the 167 controller you could reverse the locomotive with the push of a button.  The 1059 set did not have a whistle in the tender, but if a whistle tender had ever been purchased, the 167 could activate the whistle as well.

The 1059 set also appeared in the 1941 catalogue. The locomotive was now equipped with an "electric"front coupler and all cars were equipped with "electric couplers".

In 1942, the set was renumbered 1130 with the exact same rolling stock.

So it is quite possible that the set was acquired in 1942 or 1943 as you remembered.

Lew Schneider



I went back and checked out some more and discovered a small box saying it had 12 ties wire and lock on. Lock on is on track and the 12 ties were in the box marked 167 Whistle controller. NO WHISTLE CONTROLLER WAS INCLUDED HOWEVER. The transformer is a #1034 with a direction button. I am so amazed by this set. So if I understand correctly this could be a 40' 41' or 42' set #1059 unless it is a 42' which would be a 1130. Am I correct? Would be interesting to know which it is for sure.

Chuck - I am now wondering about the 167 also and now also where is it?

Pete -Could not have said it any better about this forum. Very Knowledgeable people for sure.


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