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I don't have a track plan for this simple layout. It is only 45" x 75", but you can see how I placed my accessories.  I also have a track for the milk car. I spent a lot of time trying to make it look somewhat like a city while keeping the tinplate feel. Note the custom plots for the villas and bungalow that fit in the curve.

I know Lionel has created tons of small track plans in their catalogues and other places. Not sure where to find them as a group but someone may know. There is always the temptation to cram a lot of track in a small space. But since pre-war basically runs in circles, I left a lot of space for accessories. On a 5' x 8', I would definitely do two independent loops.



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Here are some pics of my prewar layout, its 10 x 7, and contains both standard and O gauge. It certainly can be scaled for your desired size. Currently I can run 4 trains at a time and have 1 additional standard consist in waiting.


The inner O gauge loops allow for 2 smaller consists to run independently or 1 larger one on the connected loop. Also the switch placement was sized to allow me to remove the 2 closer track circles and replace them with a crossover track to form a figure eight.



For Christmas my wife bought me the terrace and station. This required me to change the inner circles to a circle and an oval to accommodate the new addition.



Hopefully these will give you some additional ideas, keep us posted on your decision and build.


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NNJ Railfan's question gives me the opportunity to boast that I still have the instruction booklet that came with my dad's Lionel outfit in 1937 here in Australia.  There were a number of pages of track plans at the back of the book.  If you are working with tubular track, these may still be just as relevant today.  I love the photo on the first page of the manual (2nd photo attached).

Lionel manualLionel manual insideLionel layouts 4Lionel layouts 5


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  • Lionel manual inside
  • Lionel layouts 4
  • Lionel layouts 5

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