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A recent purchase off E Bay, seller had no clue as it was purchased at a garage sale. Now I am stumped who how and when. Loco motorize, has an on/off switch on the bottom, cast iron upper tram unit, it is made of wood with the sides made of celluloid. Loco and cars measure 10 1/2 inches in length. They all have lamps and sockets to light up each unit. Typical hooks & loops to connect.. Pole base is iron, wood pole, and wire track supports. the celluloid painted sides are tacked on the the units. How they suspend I am unsure as there are no holes on top for supports to the overhead track. I hope I can get some idea on the units. Thanks.

Pete Semetis TCA 75-7361DSCF0671 [3)DSCF0672 [3)DSCF0673 [3)DSCF0674 [2)DSCF0675 [2)DSCF0676 [3)


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  • DSCF0672 (3)
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