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I have available for sale the following items from Ross Custom Switches:

Ross TUTA33A  33 inch fully indexed turntable.  Turntable is in excellent condition - has been installed on  layout but saw very little use.  Price reduced to $950 plus shipping.  That is about 1/2 price of new one.

Number 104  #6  096-072 left hand curved switch.  These are in excellent condition but do NOT have switch machines.  Price reduced to $70 each plus shipping.  I have 2

Number 170M 4 Way yard switch with DZ1000 machines and controllers.  these are in excellent condition.  Price reduced to $250 plus shipping.  I have 2

Number 100M  Right hand regular switch with DZ1000 machine and controller.  Asking $70 plus shipping

If interested, please contact me using the email listed in my profile.

Thanks for looking,


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