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F/S:  Flex-rock Casting (flexible) #502G from Mountains-in-Minutes.  This is a flexible 17” x 7.5” foam multi-colored rock casting that can be bent to shape or easily cut.  Glues with hot glue or rubber cement.  It is beautifully colored and shaded.  Bought at the hobby store new for $24.00.  Decided that I didn’t need it and it was never used.  $18.00.  $12.00


F/S:  2 Chooch Large Cut Stone Walls (HO/O/G) – flexible, peel & stick.  MSRP is $14 each.  My price is $10 each.  $5.00 each


F/S:  145 wire nuts (packages of 50 each) for 16-22 awg wire.  Rated for 300V max.  Take them all for $5.


For all items:  Shipping extra. PayPal or USPS money order preferred.  Please send me e-mail (in profile).



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