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The #10 I'm working on was missing a headlight, and the remaining one was in pretty poor condition; I purchased a new pair from Henning's ().

When I removed the old light, it was wired to the "red" terminal on the "e unit disc" (or whatever it's called):


...(you can see the red terminal to the right of the photo.)

Directly opposite that is a "yellow" terminal: if I attach the other light to it, will that give me a directional effect?

Sorry if this is an elementary question...

Mark (still having fun) in Oregon


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1. Since this engine has a manual reverse switch, just mimic the wiring on the disc if you need to rewire it and the lights should switch over in the respective direction.

2. Do you have the handle for the reverse switch as it is missing in your photo?

1. I tried what Rob suggested (wire from light to field); that makes sense, but the light came on regardless of direction.  🤔

2. Yes, I simply removed it to get the body off... but good spotting! 😁

Am going into the Willamette Valley next week (post-op appointment) and am hoping to pick up some "peacock" paint...and some TSP. The original (90+ year old) paint is really hard to remove... 😳 🙂

Mark in Oregon

Your #10 brings back some fond memories. In the mid seventies, I had two very good condition original Lionel #10 "Peacock" locos in the course of my collecting. One came with its original passenger cars in its Lionel set box and the other as a separate loco. As I recall, one needed rewheeling and the other had the early pendulum reverse unit. Both were great runners.

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