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I have been working on some animations, but couldn't figure out how to actually get the little people on the train.  My wife jokingly suggested the American Flyer package loader.  I thought that was a GREAT idea!  Now my passenger trains have the priority boarding option.   It's fast, it's expensive, it's really uncomfortable, but still popular.....

The man on the right is asking the woman if it's going to hurt - she says "always does".  The man on the left still has a sore neck from the last trip.


All ready to go!


Ouch! Let's try the large door.

And your luggage too!!

I think they will get soft luggage before the next trip.


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Thanks for the belly laugh! I really needed that today.

I too am surprised how well your hyper-passenger loader worked. Very impressive.

The horse/cattle corral and car would definitely take some tinkering; especially for having passengers file into a passenger car and back out again. Just thinking for 2 seconds about it; the vibrating mechanism would need to be transplanted from the cattle car to a passenger car; possibly doable. Then there's the issue of car doors opening and closing. That might take a bit more ingenuity.

Thanks for sharing and for the laugh!

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