2DEB07A1-C28F-4294-B70F-2A20174EA39863D9079B-B8E1-49F1-B13A-5D7D9C74C0DEPicked up a fixer that has a ps2 3v board set with a cap blown off the top board. Im sure i can buy a new cap of the same value but soldering it in knowing how delicate these boards are is scary. What are chances the board is still good and does anyone repair these?


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no not worth the effort it is not a ps 2 3 volt board that is a ps2 5 volt board and that is a very common failure!!! very unlikely you can get it repaired usually when the blows  it destroys the board and ps2 5 volt are not designed to be taken apart as ps2 3 volt which can be separated ! 

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Well, the PS32 board will be the easiest way to go, and a full TMCC upgrade for steam will be more expensive.  If you run both, I'd suggest the PS32 board with the 5V black connectors, it's about 90% plug-n-play.  You remove the charging harness and swap the speaker out for a 4 ohm one.

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