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So I've been busy adding things to my MTH Tinplate collection and recently picked up a 384E from 2004, Item 10-1221-1. Due to its age I decided not to attempt to charge the battery but instead installed a 3V BCR before putting on the track. After installing the BCR and placing the engine on the track I powered up the Z4000 and added the engine to the remote. I then pressed start up and the engine started at full volume. I could not communicate with the engine at all via the remote, like lower the volume or shut it off. None of the buttons I pressed had any affect. I turned off the transformer to kill the power.

Not sure if the BCR was any good I put the original battery back in and plugged in the battery charger into the bottom of the tender and let it charge for about 4 hours. After four hours I put the engine on the track and decided to delete it from the remote and then re-add it. I was able to delete it but have not been able to re-add it since. I get the message engine already in the remote but it's not in the list.

The engine ran fine in conventional, forward and reverse. I then put the BCR back in. I've been running for an hour or so and all it good in conventional.

I will say that when I've powered it up on a DCS track after the initial power up I have not been able to hear the little click the engine makes when it receives the watchdog signal.

The software in the TIU and Remote I use on my Tinplate layout is a very early generation, if not the first generation software.


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@GGG posted:

When you apply power with DCS does the engine stay quiet?  Try a recover engine.  If you are very early you may not have the function.  Should upgrade to 6.1 as the latest.  Are you sure the engine address deleted from the remote?  G

I should have noted that the engine did not turn on when placed onto a track controlled by DCS.

I did find the recover option and tried it but no engine could be recovered. On a whim I tried to add it and it was found. I started it up (fingers crossed) and am able to control it via the remote! All is good. I sent it for a few laps around the layout during lunch.

Thank you for responding and suggesting the recover function.


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