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My choo-choo barn zoo from Lionel has a motor that has stopped working. Checked out the motor it has stopped working. But there is no identification part # to find a replacement for it. Where can I go to find out. I don't think Lionel has it in their inventory. Is there a motor similar that I can substitute.


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Step 1- google to find product ID Google search "Lionelville zoo" = first hit  so 6-24180

Step2 go to Lionel support and enter the product ID you just found and again using 6-24180 gets us the detailed product page

And we get :

So we search for that listed alternate number and we get

it too shows out of stock but at least we know what we are looking for- a pancake style motor

So one option, I find this DC motor only no gear

a close-up of a plug

But more scrolling and looking and find this

Gee, that looks a lot like the original motor doesn't it?


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