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I've just test run my new Lionel Legacy 2-6-6-2.  A speed steps below 10, the locomotive is jerky (seems like "cogging" at regular intervals) and will only move a few feet before it stops and the cab light starts blinking.  It seems to run fine at higher speed steps.  I haven't opened it up, but there isn't anything obviously loose.  I'm planning on sending to Lionel, but I'd like to know if this is a one off issue or a more wider spread problem with this locomotive type.  Has anyone else had a similar issue with their 2-6-6-2?

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Pat, didn't the earlier run of these type locomotives from 2017(2018?) have the issues of the tires hitting the shoes? I seem to recall a topic where that was happening to the poster but he didn't know it until someone had pointed that out as a possibility. I don't remember if it was only binding through the posters curves but okay on straight track?

Thanks for the additional thinking.  I've checked for binding in the external running gear, break shoes hitting tires, etc. but I haven't been able to find anything.  The problem is happening on both straight and curved (O72) track.  A single digit speed steps it seems like the hesitation is regular (like the motor is cogging, but I don't think brushed DC motors cog).  Maybe its the worm in the gear box jumping slightly...

Your issue sounds a little bit like the infamous Odyssey lurch.  Does anyone know whether these mallets have back-drivable gears?  Most Legacy steam locos do.  And on some that don't have back-drivable gears, Lionel uses the "switcher" speed table, wherein each step is about half of a normal step.  Since Lionel made these changes, complaints about lurching have been few.

Your issue could also be caused by any type of mechanical binding, driving wheel(s) slightly out of quarter, etc.  Hope you're able to find the cause and correct it.

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I'm closing the loop on this topic.  I sent the locomotive back to Lionel.  They replaced the motor.  It runs as it should now - no more "cogging".  Sounds like there was something wrong with the motor.

The service experience was good.  I got a return authorization the day after I requested (I used e-mail).  I had the locomotive back 9 days after I sent it to lionel.

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