Problem with Universal Remote after 1.2 upgrade

Have 2 LC diesels.  One is a GP38 LionChief, not plus, no Bluetooth.  Just added a scale SD60M, LionChief Plus with Bluetooth.  Both engines operate normally with either their own remote or the Universal Remote when run singly.   Initially the Universal Remote was running version 1.1 and the UR operated both engines running at the same time without any issues.  I decided to upgrade to version 1.2.  The GP38 continues to operate correctly with the UR.  The SD60M operates OK except for one feature.  If both engines are running at the same time, as soon as the SD60M is addressed it immediately acquires the throttle position of the other engine.  That is not suppose to happen until the address button is pushed a second time.  Thinking maybe there was an issue with address button 1, I shifted the engine to button 2, but it behaves exactly the same.  The GP38 continues to operate correctly regardless of which address button it is programmed to.  The "throttle stealing" issue with the SD60M only happened after the update.  Any suggestions?




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Sounds like you have done some troubleshooting already, with no changes. Wonder if it might be a bug in the new version? Maybe reporting to Lionel would be good whether it is or is not a bug? 

That's a bug we would have caught.

Sounds like something may have gone wrong when installing 1.2. Did you do so via the iPhone App? You could try running that again as it would be a reflash and see if that fixes it.

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Just received a 2nd LC+ with Bluetooth SD60M.  This engine has the same throttle stealing problem I described with my other SD60M if it is run at the same time with the GP38 LionChief (not +, no Bluetooth) on the Univeral Remote after update to 1.2.  However, if the GP38 is off the track, the two SD60M engines work just fine together with the Universal Remote.  The issue seems to be using the Universal Remote to run at the same time an older LionChief without Bluetooth with the newer Bluetooth versions.

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